Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Untitled- By Omar Belwaer

Sometimes i wonder,
but i'd never found the answer,
i can't reach the meaning
although i can see it beaming.

The light is getting farther,
we'll live in the dark for longer
as our minds are sleeping,
we can't hear our souls screaming.

Wake up lets dance
the world is playing the melody of death
Rise up,this is the chance
before it takes your breath.

take a look deep inside,
the bad seed is planted on you,
hold on we'll take a ride,
there's so much you've got to rue.

you seem to be hypnotised
your rules should be chastised
i cannot understand why:

you cheat to succeed
you steal to satisfy tour need

you kill to save your life
you decapitate to feed your knife

you betray to rise your power
you lie to make it taste sour

you destroy to build yourself..
you burn people to colonize..
you erase to feel superior !!
you're a real devil in disguize

is that what you're made for !?

one day you'll fall alone,
no one will be there for you,
you made your heart turn to stone,
you've lost them all and lost yourself too

Repent! there ain't so much to walk through
Just open your mind, make it analyse
you don't have to follow the crew
be yourself, choose your way, make your steps and you'll rise!!!!