Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hello ! You say it when you're happy
A smile you show it makes life beautiful
People love you and make you more hopeful
Power in it makes you so strong
I really say the truth this is not wrong
Nice moments you live it for too long
Emptiness and sadness will go away
Sorrow and pain will leave you
So taste happiness and be strong
By Sahar Bel Hadj Salah
First Forms


Day after day doctors advise me to go to the sea
Oranges will boost vitamin C
Can you work on this ?
Try these nice tips
Or eat an apple a day
Red meat will keep illness away
So this is what helps you to be okay
By Amine Ben Houria

I am yours

I am always thinking of you
Admiring you and knowing everything about you
May be it's not the right way
You can break my heart and see
Open your eyes and look at me
Understand me and make me happy
Remember that I always get you with me
So don't irritate me and try to love me
By Sahar Ben Aissa
First Forms

Love and Broken Hearts

Love is so hard
Owe , pain and sorrow attack your heart
Very difficult for anyone to understand
Everything changes in your life
And you lose your mind
No one can help you
Dreams faraway from you
But the pain stays with you
Run you should escape and save yourself
Or you will die with love's knife
Knives , yes the knife will hurt you
Everyday and every night till it kills you
No one can help you
Hurry up , wake up , love is so bad
Effects of love you will be mad
A huge conflict love is for me
Really it destroyed me
Truthful I want to be
Sorry love I hate you but remember you pushed me !
By Sahar Bel Hadj Salah
First Forms

A message for Humanity

Choose the way in which you can say
Here is a big problem , so don't stay still
A problem to our brothers around the world
You can be in their place, So say your word
Many kinds but the word is one
A picture , a song can do to everyone
Zoom to their lives , this can make you
Other person don't know what to do
Use your mind to see the world
A small village only in two words
Open your eyes and see the catastrophe
Under these masks there is reality
I can't see the world without peace
Without freedom , without babies
Without colours , all in black
Because they make it dark
Without flowers without any borders
It becomes a desert this world
Don't stay away
Come and say
Do something I'm with you
Hand in hand let's make it true
Let's say No to wars
And let Peace open the doors
By Chayma Zouaoui
First Forms