Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Friendship - By Ali Yassine Bel Hadj Rhouma

A true friend never walks away
He will always stay

A true friend will guard my secrets
Will share my problems

A true friend is here for me
Always trying to make me smile
When noone can make me smile

A true friend tries to make me remember the best times
When I can only remember the worst times

A true friend is the only one I trust
He will be by my side even if he's gonna lose his life

Thanks for being here for me
Through good times and hard times

I really wanna to thank you for all things you gave to me
This is my poem in which I'd like to thank you for everything you did to me

Sunday, June 6, 2010


If you were able to exceed
all these fears that are holding you back
making you still wrapped by this black
soul that slays all what you seed

If you were able to see
that you would never satisfy this greed
The evil heart would never be
capable to succeed ,...
Time up! You've got to bleed

If you were able to realize
that my world is falling down,
with all its crying skies,
sick minds are destroying my town...

If you were able to understand
that we will fade away altogether
to the valley of the poisoned land,
innocence, bravery and all human qualities
are gone forever...

If you were able to see
the desperate smile of a child,
If you were able to hear
the last cry of the wild,
If you were able to smell
the odor of a burning rose,
If you were able to taste
the void of this plastic life
If you were able to feel
the pain that my world is going through

Would you Regret ???
By Belouaer Omar

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hello ! You say it when you're happy
A smile you show it makes life beautiful
People love you and make you more hopeful
Power in it makes you so strong
I really say the truth this is not wrong
Nice moments you live it for too long
Emptiness and sadness will go away
Sorrow and pain will leave you
So taste happiness and be strong
By Sahar Bel Hadj Salah
First Forms


Day after day doctors advise me to go to the sea
Oranges will boost vitamin C
Can you work on this ?
Try these nice tips
Or eat an apple a day
Red meat will keep illness away
So this is what helps you to be okay
By Amine Ben Houria

I am yours

I am always thinking of you
Admiring you and knowing everything about you
May be it's not the right way
You can break my heart and see
Open your eyes and look at me
Understand me and make me happy
Remember that I always get you with me
So don't irritate me and try to love me
By Sahar Ben Aissa
First Forms

Love and Broken Hearts

Love is so hard
Owe , pain and sorrow attack your heart
Very difficult for anyone to understand
Everything changes in your life
And you lose your mind
No one can help you
Dreams faraway from you
But the pain stays with you
Run you should escape and save yourself
Or you will die with love's knife
Knives , yes the knife will hurt you
Everyday and every night till it kills you
No one can help you
Hurry up , wake up , love is so bad
Effects of love you will be mad
A huge conflict love is for me
Really it destroyed me
Truthful I want to be
Sorry love I hate you but remember you pushed me !
By Sahar Bel Hadj Salah
First Forms

A message for Humanity

Choose the way in which you can say
Here is a big problem , so don't stay still
A problem to our brothers around the world
You can be in their place, So say your word
Many kinds but the word is one
A picture , a song can do to everyone
Zoom to their lives , this can make you
Other person don't know what to do
Use your mind to see the world
A small village only in two words
Open your eyes and see the catastrophe
Under these masks there is reality
I can't see the world without peace
Without freedom , without babies
Without colours , all in black
Because they make it dark
Without flowers without any borders
It becomes a desert this world
Don't stay away
Come and say
Do something I'm with you
Hand in hand let's make it true
Let's say No to wars
And let Peace open the doors
By Chayma Zouaoui
First Forms

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Sorrow and sadness
Unhappy dark islands
For me, it's so sad
For you, you will be mad
Eternally wounded
Reality is scary
I feel like I'm going to carry
Nuclear missile in my hand
Go and stop me before I destroy the land!
Nomen Ben Slimene


No one understands
All these lofty trees and singing birds
This Earth is our Home
Understand it , hear it , love it as your mom
Reality is sadness
End of happiness
Jawaher Bel Hadj Hamada (first forms)


Bombs are everywhere!
Blood here and there
Corpses are near
We don't want to be here!
I don't find anyone who cares!
Children are scared!
Women are afraid!
We are so tired!
These are our words
We just wanna live in this world!

War and peace

Pain and sorrow
End dreams of tomorrow
And kill our freedom
Can't you stop , can't you give up
End the killing which scares
Men and women's nightmares
Allow me my old smile
Keep my dream a while
Even just for a short time
Rebuilding my simple rhyme.
Amine Ben Houria


For me it's a treasure like no other treasure
A family gives me great pleasure
My brothers , my sister , my father and my mother
I love them like fresh air in summer
Love is our daily food
You feel it is good

Like a field in spring
I like the family to sing
For me and you
Even when you are blue!
Amine Ben Houria ( first forms 2010)

An attempt by EFL learners to write Arcostic poems.

Learning is the key
A lot of practising trust me
Normally , this will help you
Good pupils at languages you will be
Usually , listen more , write more and speak more
A good solution for you believe me
Great idea I'll tell you , too.
Everyday, many exercises you should do
So subjects will be easy , this is true !

Sahar Bel Hadj Salah (First Forms)