Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Love and Broken Hearts

Love is so hard
Owe , pain and sorrow attack your heart
Very difficult for anyone to understand
Everything changes in your life
And you lose your mind
No one can help you
Dreams faraway from you
But the pain stays with you
Run you should escape and save yourself
Or you will die with love's knife
Knives , yes the knife will hurt you
Everyday and every night till it kills you
No one can help you
Hurry up , wake up , love is so bad
Effects of love you will be mad
A huge conflict love is for me
Really it destroyed me
Truthful I want to be
Sorry love I hate you but remember you pushed me !
By Sahar Bel Hadj Salah
First Forms


  1. I like your poem, Sahar. The choice of words is successful and it adds to the intensity of the theme of "suffering caused by love" which is stressed again and again throughout the poem ("pain", "sorrow", "hard", "lose", "die", "mad", "conflict","destroy", "hate"). The reader is struck and moved by the sadness of the narrator from start to finish. Nicely written!

  2. Thanks a lot my friend for your continuous and unfailing support ! May you always be successful in your noble pursuit my friend :))